Friday, September 26


this year will be different with other. the first time i wont be celebrating raya with families. i dont even go back home for almost 3 months. the last time i saw mom and dad, during nureen's visit to perlis. like kak awin abis pantang. *phew* i miss them. i miss home.

Monday, September 15

hari yang penat

dahaga gila, berpanas dlm keta pegi immigration kajang. matahari sgt terik.

kalau boleh nak je beli teh o ais. mesti sedap, hari panas, minum air sejuk. *pheww* kalau time kecik² dulu, kalau dahaga, mak ckp boleh puase separuh hari. benda tu boleh apply lagi tak hari ni? saye mmg betol² tak larat ni makk~ boleh laa~

oh. i need a boyfriend.

Saturday, September 13

confused, but still move on.

i love blogdrive but I'm still moving to blogspot. but still, most of my post are on this blog. i'll redirect the other blog to this one but it's too hard for me to delete it. and still intend to keep them both.

so keep interested, yeah? i will be posting here too every now and then.

Friday, September 12