Tuesday, July 20

5 hours never enough for us!

Tak paham la dgn lelaki zaman sekarang ni. Sama ada perempuan yang terlampau independant, ataupun lelaki zaman sekarang ni mmg suka nagging.

Bukan la tak pernah terjadi kat diri aku, tapi ada lagi beberapa kawan aku yg lain. Oh by the way, excuse bahasa aku hari ni, terlampau formal kan?

123 soul sisters! We been living together for the past 5 years, and dah kenal almost 10 years! No one else could understand us better. Sisters, maksud nya aku berasal from all-girls-school la kan. Since now ni kitorg dah tak duk sesama lagi dah, if we have meet-up, there are so much to catch up. 5 hours never enough right girlfriends? ;)

Tapi most of our bfs still tak boleh nak faham, worried too much. Bila dah nama pun meet-up with sisters, mesti la takde lelaki, so nothing to worry. Stop calling us, checking either are we okay 'coz we surely allright, unless causing the neighbours to wake up of our loud and clear gossips through the night. But still, we are doing really fine.

And not to mention, even our parents had to get used of our meet-up, and breaking the late night curfew. Some even gave permission for friends to crash the home, super cool kan? And we don't care, takde pun rasa friends tu troublesome. we need each other kan?

Pelik jugak bila bf tanya, "Tak malu ke duk rumah org lama-lama?"

We even ask for nasik at 10 pm from friend's parents. It's not big deal when mom knew that her friend's parents would do the same for her daughter, right Mak?

On the top of everything, I love my girlfriends! So much!